Gtx 650ti oc problem.

Hi everyone,I have some kind of an issue because i've recently bought a gainward gtx 650 ti,and i did some overclocking,but as the gainward utility did not showed that the core clock was modifying i tryed to set it up to +378 or something like that.Instantly the screen turned black and i coldn't do anything else.So i quickly restarted my pc,and everything was back to normal.On the other hand i read that increasing the voltage also increases the performances,so i set that to +25mv and after that i've read that this thing can cause damage,so i've lowred it down to the stock values.The big question i want to ask you:Have i done any permanent damage to my graphics card?I really hope not,thank you in advance,and sory for my bad english.
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  1. voltage is not to be played with in the gpu unless you really know what your doing and you have a badass cooling
    will all i can say is just keep watching the gpu temps
    use msi afterburner for that
    personally i dont like my gpu getting above 65
  2. No, unless you put the voltage much higher it will be fine. You can always run tests to check but since those are new cards I would not worry :).
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