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im wanting to overclock my amd 6100 to 4.0ghz so i heard you can with stock voltages. i tryed it got good temps but games like Chivalry medieval warfare and minecraft wont work. and somebody said its not stabled overclock. so i was wondering if someone can help me overclock in the amd overdrive program. i dont want to do bios since this is my first time and it would be easier for me.
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  1. Start up Overdrive and let it go through the automated process. AOD won't try anything too ambitious (as in dangerous). Keep in mind that overclocking abilities vary from system to system, even on semmingly identical rigs.

    Good luck!
  2. how do i do the automated process?
  3. Start the app and run the program. AOD will then go through a process to optimize itself. This can take quite a while and while it is doing its thing, you shouldn't try to use the system.

    Go here for more info:

  4. im sorry but i still dont know what to do
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