I5 2500k high temps

Hi All,

i have just overclocked my 2500k to 4.5GHZ (not massive i know but first attempt).

i manually set the voltage to 1.3 then ran prime lasted about 15minutes then BSOD.

i then upped the voltage to 1.35 and began to run prime again however i feel the temps are going way too high so i stopped it.

i have an antec kuhler 920 cpu cooler so would of thought thats suitable lol, and plenty of airflow, my room is fairly warm but that wont be the primary cause,


could it be the cooler isnt fitted correctly? it seems pretty secure to me? it comes pre thermal pasted.

any ideas would be great,

is it worth resetting bios back to default settings checking temps running prime then re doing the overclock?
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  1. Yes, I would check temps at stock clocks to see if there is an issue with your cpu cooler.
  2. this is my stock readings not using prime or anything, it does seem quite high still? funny thing is when i installed the rad on the rear of the case it was a bit of a pain but once i got it on i checked temps and it was like 21-25c however when i checked it both fans were aimed at the rad lol so one was puling air from outside into the rad and the fan on the other side was pulling air from inside to the rad lol so i obviously changed that (must of happened when i was fiddling about installing it without realising).

  3. High 20s low 30s is normal for idle temps. I noticed your multiplier is running at 24x at idle? Usually it runs at 16x if you have speedstep on. Also is your BClk at 100? I would reset bios to default settings and test temps under load.
  4. Installation of the 620's block is almost foolproof. Basically lock it down and tighten up and you're done. If I'm correct it had the thermal paste on the block pre-applied. As long as you cleaned off the CPU before install (If you had thermal paste on it before) it is almost guaranteed to be alright.

    Once you get the Sandy Bridge processors up towards 1.3v and higher the things seem to start picking up heat exponentially. I ran my 2600k under my Hyper212 at 1.35v@4.8Ghz and it was running pretty hot at 78C full load via IntelBurnTest. IntelBurnTest will heat your processor more than any other method out there. So if you want to know exactly how hot your chip is going to get as a nearly guaranteed maximum? Use IBT. I wouldn't use it while you know you're getting 85C+ temperatures with other methods. Prime95 only takes me at 1.276v@4.4Ghz to 56C while IBT will take me to 64C. I however run offset voltage so occasionally the voltage only hits 1.25 and it HAS hit 1.295v during some applications. But generally I stay below 60C with anything else aside from IBT.

    Just take the frequency up slowly and work up. I went from 3.4Ghz to 3.8Ghz to 4.0Ghz and stepped by 100mhz each shot while testing with IBT. I found instability first at 4.1Ghz@1.1v. I went from 1.1 to 1.150v and was stable to 4.3Ghz I made it clear to 4.6Ghz before having to break into 1.3v. I could pass IBT with 20 cycles at 4.6Ghz@1.3v fixed voltage. I played around with it for a while and found my "happy" place. 4.4Ghz and the voltages max at 1.295v with a voltage offset of (-0.025) I never break 70C with my fans up. :)
  5. Steddora, thanks for reply, im going to mess about with my fan set up to see if anything helps,
    then ill give the OC another go, i did try last night to be lazy and let the ai suite OC for me and it got up to my desired 4.5 however after 5 minutes of P95 it BSOD lol, so i think ill give ai suite a miss.

    Sooth, yeah it changes like the wind between 16 and 33, also the bus speed is set to auto as per the default settings in BIOS. at the point in time it showed 100.3, idle temps are at 30. i then went in bios and used the performance mode to see what temps i was getting running prime,


    still mighty high after only a few minutes.

    regarding software reading temps, i got hwmonitor, hwinfo, realtemp all reading around 30 idle, however ai suite II shows 21?

    this has probably been asked so many times but which is the temp i should be worried about?
  6. well i did an intel burn test and these are the results (i have the bios setting on performance)


    its still too high for my liking but i guess theres no other methods, only thing i havent done is obviously changed the paste to MX5 or something, also ive heard that paste takes time to settle or something is that correct?
  7. Temps still seem high. Generally want to peak in the 70's under stress testing. I'm using a Scythe Mugen 2 with Noctua thermal paste. I currently have my OC at 4.3GHz with a vcore of 1.3-1.35v. Under IBT 'maximum' setting running 10 passes, my temps maxed at 75'c.

    I would think a sealed WC unit should perform a little better than that?
  8. Closed loop coolers like the 620 aren't "high" performance when it comes down to it. There are many air coolers that can match and even beat the abilities of the CLC's.

    Those temperatures are high; but remember... Whatever IBT(IntelBurnTest) temperatures you get... they are going to be generally about 5C higher than anything you'll ever put the processor through...

    Just for reference my 2600k stats of right now.

    3.4Ghz clocked to 4.4Ghz
    Voltage offset of -0.020v
    Stock FSB/BCLk


    Prime95 Blend max after 30 minutes : 57C
    IBT Max after 10 normal cycles : 63C
    Maximum voltage through offset : 1.320 (load)
    Average voltage through offset : 1.280v (load)
    Lowest voltage through offset : 0.912v (idle)

    So as you can see, there's a finicky spot in volting. There's a spot in almost every processor where the voltage, temperatures, and performance seem to be perfect. I've found my spots for stock, 4.0Ghz and 4.4Ghz.
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