Why Can't I Have What I Want with an AMD Mobo

Hey Gang,

I am looking for some guidance. I am trying to build a super workstation for photo & video editing using Adobe CS5 software, as I am a photographer and videographer. My only restriction is that I MUST use a NVIDA Quadro FX 3800 video/graphics card (as required & certified by Adobe). This card supports SLI and CUDA technologies that are necessary to utilize certain features in Adobe CS5. With that being said and my only restriction for my new build.

I would like to take advantage of AMD’s new Phenom II X6 6-Core CPU due to it’s value price, as compared to Intel’s equivalent CPU is way out of reach price wise. If I went this route my choices of motherboards start becoming slim, BECAUSE I also want my new mobo to have USB 3.0, SATA 6 Gb/s, and eSATA support..I am finding that this build is almost impossible to have.

So…Here are my questions:

1. Is there a motherboard out there that will fit my needs, or at least very close to it?

2. If I can’t have the new technology enhancements that I want while using the NVIDA Quadro FX 3800 card (SLI & CUDA) with a 6-core AMD chip, must I trash this dream and give in to an Intel I7 chip?

2a. If the answer is that I must go with Intel I7 to get what I want and use my NVIDA card, which top of the line motherboard would you suggest that will have all the features that I want and have the ability to grow with in the future?

Everyone’s input and suggestive builds would be enormously appreciated!

Thank you!
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  1. "Why Can't I Have What I Want with an AMD Mobo "
    Lol, this just made me laugh xD.

    ^ Richars's suggestion is not bad - just pretty expensive.

    And performance wise, you can get a quad-core i7 that can match (if not outperform) the amd x6. You don't need to buy the $1000 six-core from intel.

    The quads have hyper-threading - so it's 4 cores, but 8 threads. And with a good solid board, you can OC your cpu a little further for better performance.

    but that's just me. I'm not a big fan of AMD. =P
  2. There is no reason why you cannot use an nVidia video card with an AMD motherboard if that is what you are worried about.
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