Will this card work in a Dell Dimension E510?

Will this card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814500132&cm_re=gt240-_-14-500-132-_-Product

work with my system. It has the following specs
305w PSU
Pentium 4 Processor 3.00 GHZ
2.0 GB ram
Windows XP SP2

My current card is an ATI x600 but i was never able to find the specs for that to see how much power it required. Im just worried about bottle necking my computer. So will this card work?
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  1. if you have PCI-E slot then you're good to go but i'm not really sure about your PSU though. btw your processor will bottleneck the card
  2. No way dont get that.... GT 240=9600GT. for $5 more u can get a 9800GT which is about 15-25fps faster. And never underestimate the dell 305w power supply there are people running 9800GTX on it.


    Im running a 8800GS on 300w
  3. what would happen if i ran it with that processor?
  4. What would be a better card to get that won't bottleneck? I don't mind getting an older card because i dont play too many graphically demanding games (WoW, CSS, TF2, BF2) And yes i do have a PCI-E
  5. you still be able to use the card but you can get it's true potential because of your old CPU. last time i paired up my HD4550 and 9600GSO with pentium 4. upgrading from HD4550 to 9600GSO still grant me more performance in game even though both card are bottleneck by the processor. if you upgrade to C2D or better processor you should be able to gain more performance in game and the bottleneck issue will gone but that's a different story altogether. because if you're upgrading to C2D i think you must upgrade your motherboard too ;)
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