Galaxy GTS 250 HDMI Setup

Hi everyone.

I have a Galaxy GTS 250 1 GB GPU that has HDMI out on it. There was a little note in the packaging that said I needed to pipe sound into the card using a cable that was included. I can see where that cable connects to my GPU, but cannot, for the life of me, seem to find the place where I connect it to the mainboard. I don't THINK my mainboard has an S/PDIF audio output interface.

My computer is a Lenovo K230 IdeaCentre - specifically a K230 5359-3AU. I have looked all over the place on this mainboard (even tried finding a schematics manual), but I can't seem to get it.

Any ideas?

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  1. according to :
    your PC has an '1 x audio - SPDIF output'

    so you just need to find it on the mobo
    its usually on the bottom right hand corner
  2. Yah I definitely have that SPDIF output on the exterior of the computer case (next to the other audio outputs)... but I looked pretty closely at everything on the mb and could only find on jumper in the far bottom (when the case is standing up) corner, that seemed to be labeled "mono out". Could that be it?

  3. well thats a mono audio output
    thats different than spdif
    perhaps you can get a converter for the two...
    i don't know if the plugs are interchangeable... i doubt it
  4. Yah I am going to look VERY closely on the mb to see if I am missing something. I actually called Lenovo and they told me that had no way of knowingwhere or even if I have an spdif out.
  5. wow
    thats awful customer service/organization
  6. Yah I was surprised myself. I mean, I know they have a lot of models, but c'mon people. SOMEBODY should have the specs on the mboard. I actually have a bunch of friends who really thought that the Lenovo tech guys were helpful. I guess if all you're asking is how to change your deskltop res or something...
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