Lcd for 2 4870x2

hi guys,

I have posted about this before.

I bought a acer b223hu lcd monitor that has a default res of 2048x1152.
I guess to user both 4870x2s and make them work (squeeze all the performance out of them) I need a larger display?

I dont want to spend a grand on an lcd..
any suggestions?

is 30" necessary?? something that size might hurt my eyes!
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  1. Using a higher resolution screen is not "necessary" you will just be able to unlock smoother game play/FPS with bigger screens.

    What I mean is if you only had one 4870 then a 1920x1080 screen would have great FPS but with a 2560x1600 screen it would be laggy all over.

    A 4870x2 will have much better FPS on a 1920x1080 screen over a single 4870 but will have great 2560x1600 performance. Conversely if you only had a 1440x900 screen then a 4870x2 is "overkill" and I would say save your money and get a single 4870.
  2. paperfox, I do have 2 4870x2 so I guess I need to go with a 26+ inch?
    any suggestions as far as good lcd?
  3. If you already have 2 4870X2's then you will probably need 2560x1600 with AA to stress that, which will need a 30 inch LCD which would be around $1000.
  4. That 2048x1152 screen would be good, If you can afford it your two 4870x2s would be able to handle a 2560x1600 screen, but that is expensive.
  5. can I get an affordable but decent 26-28 inch..and not spend a grand on an lcd?
  6. That wouldn't go any higher than 1920x1200, which is pretty much the same as 2048x1152.
    If you would buy 2 4870X2's then well...
  7. 24 inch to 28 inch are all 1920x1200/1920x1080 displays, only that the pixels are bigger, there are LCD's like NEC's that have a weird measurement (29.8 inch, 2560x1600).
    There's nothing standard between 1920x1200 and 2560x1600.
  8. what can I get for between 5-7 hundred?
  9. If you have a 5-series you could get several 24 inchers but at your budget & system I would stick with the current build.

    I like the Asus screens on newegg, note that most of these are way below your price range and all the 1080p screens in the second link will give you the same FPS regardless of the screen size (in inches) as sabot has mentioned, so might as well save and get a smaller screen that has the same resolution, but thats just me.
  11. whats your opinion on this guy

    its a 29 in hans g monitor..
    281HPB Black 28" 3ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor 400 cd/m2 DC 15000:1(800:1) Built in Speakers - Retail
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