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I used the ASUS AI Suite II to overclock my 2600k. however, it tested it stable to 4.84 (BCLK 103 X 1.47). Under stress, it never goes above 71 degrees, and I have no problem with it. the VCore, however, periodically hits 1.54V, which I know is high, and I get a warning.

Is there a way to adjust the Vcore in the AI Suite, or am I better off just playing around in the EFI?

P8P67 Deluxe
H100 liquid cooler
windows 7

thanks for any help!
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  1. For anyone with the same concern, I adjusted the settings in EFI, and now run 4.8 at 1.4V, stable around 54-57C
  2. dont overclock using software. its never accurate. go do it in the bios
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    then use CPU-z to validate the voltages
  4. The Big Troll, Thanks, I did that already. I don' game, but do mostly CAD and 3d rendering. I ran my program for a while, and volts did not go over 1.42, and stayed right around 1.4 the whole time. I think I am set.

    I like the idea of setting the overclock in windows, but I guess it is not quite there yet.
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