Acer Aspire netbook reads 'a disk error occurred. Press ctrl+ alt + de

Am trying to boot up an Acer Aspire 5253 series laptop and keep getting 'A disk error occurred. Press ctrl + alt + del to resttart.' In an endless loop. Tried to boot to Windows 7 repair disk, but get an os file not present error message. Have reconfigured BIOS every way I can think and still getting nowhere. Can anybody help? I am a midlevel operator who is ver good at following detailed instructions even though I understand only basic technical aspects of computer operation. Please be gentle.
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  1. your hard drive may be dead. Does it show up in bios?
  2. I had same problem a week ago...tried lots of fixing but at the end just changed hdd...was able to get to go to reinstall windows took me like 1h waiting to load and it still couldnt install windows on hdd...try bootfix in cmd chkdisk and so on but it didnt help me...
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