64 GB SSD - Use as Win7 Boot Drive or Cache ??

Hi all,

I am building a new machine with fairly high-end config (i7-2600k, 16GB RAM, Asus Z68 V Pro / GEN3 mobo etc.)

I have purchased a Samsung 830, 64GB SSD to use as a boot drive for Win7 64bit and some Applications, Adobe Creative Suite etc. I have another 1TB data drive. but recently heard a new idea of using the SSD as cache disk? with Intel Smart Response Technology! is it a good idea?? I am confused, please help.. thanks.
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  1. You will see more performance difference with using the drive as an OS drive!
  2. 64GB will be fine after you install W7 64bit and optimize for SSD you will have used 20-25GB + apps leaves ~30GB on my Force3. SSDs rock for boot drives + the normal apps! leaving games/music/storage on a HDD
  3. SRT is only good if you need the extra space. It will improve your most used applications by placing a copy of them of the SSD, but will lack the full out speed boost of an SSD alone.

    Also note that it is a good idea to leave some free space on most SSDs so the controller can do wear leveling.

    If you are just going to run your software and not fill the system with games and the SSD has the needed space, go that route.

    I would agree with the poster above, 128gig SSD's tend to out perform 64 gig ones by a fair margin, but if it is not in the budget, its not.
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