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I work for a full-service marketing and advertising agency, specializing in video production, graphic design and audio engineering, along with various multimedia. We're a small shop with 4 full time team members, but are looking to expand and modernize a bit. Presently we have NO file sharing/ collaboration facility beyond email and Dropbox.

I'm looking into setting up a networked server for the purposes of backing up and sharing: InDesign, PS, Illustrator, AfterEffects and Premiere Files, along with the original raw files (.jpeg, AVCHD, etc.). We want to do an in-house file server for collaboration and an offsite solution for nightly backups (Carbonite??). Any insight as to how we should approach this? We do not have a server admin or megabucks to toss around, but are weighing our options as best we can. Keep in mind, I know little to nothing about servers, but am a quick study on these kinds of things.
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  1. I've had guys tell me to build the cost of hard drives into cost for video editing or large projects and supply the hard drive to the client upon conclusion of the project. Thoughts?
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