Correct Ram config for D945GTP

Mother board manual says
1."1.8 v only ddr2 SDRAM with gold plated contatcts"
2. "DDR2 667, DDR2 533, DDR2 400 SDRAM DIMM Only".
suggets pc2-6400 . :heink:

would it be compatible with D945 GTP.
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  1. it should, if you motherboard is only capable of DDR2 667 than it will run the DDR2-800 at 667 speeds.
  2. would the module take lower power at under-clocking
  3. Maybe. But I wouldn't do it. Run the RAM at factory recommended voltage.

    In fact, with one qualification, that is good advice for all RAM. Run the RAM at factory recommended voltage - unless you know exactly why you want to change it.
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