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Hello,i've just replaced the motherboard of an acer aspire 3000 series laptop the touchpad now fails to work after much searching it comes down to the fact that i need to reinstall the generic windows xp touchpad driver which i can find nowhere so far. after so doing apparently u can then load the synaptics touchpad software and all should be well. is this right or am i barking (mad) up the wrong tree regards ian
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  1. Have you checked the device manager if there is a hardware that needs drivers? Does it show the touchpad under pointing devices?

    It could be that you did no connect the cable correctly.
  2. theres no mouse or pointing devices in dm and a usb mouse shows connection but doesnt work either (also not in dm)
    regards ian
  3. Did you try the drivers on Acer's website?
  4. yes without the generic windows driver the mice will not accept acers programs regards ian
  5. Did you try going to device manager and update the driver let it search online for a driver should find one from microsoft.
  6. have you tried Safe Mode to see if either mouse is working.

    also check in Safe Mode if any Pointing Devices are listed. If so delete them.
  7. safe mode makes no difference still no pointing devices and mice dont work regards ian
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