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I wanted to ask but, which motherboard is best for Water Cooling, same goes for Graphics Card and CPU maybe.

I'm not building a new computer, but I wanted to ask this because I'm planning on making a Water Cooling Gaming PC in the future, so I was wondering which motherboard, video card, and cpu works best with water cooling that is future proof, if there are any.

I was also wondering if the video cards and cpu are the only things that you can water cool, or are there other parts that you can also water cool.

Also what things do you need to make Water Cooling possible. For example the tubes, fittings, etc.
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  1. please read the watercooling sticky ->located in my sig.
  2. Lutfij said:
    please read the watercooling sticky ->located in my sig.

    Thanks a lot, by the way, I'm also wondering what cases are great for Water Cooling, I have been looking some up and so far I've found some cases that cost up to $1,000 and they already have the tubes and fittings already installed, but not cases without the tubes and such. If you can give me a website, or a link of those cases(such list or individuals or just copying and pasting the names) that would be great.
  3. There is a list of recommended E-tailers in the sticky Lutfij mentions,
    for cases, why not check out the W/c gallery and see what inspires you?
  4. Modo to de rescue! Though obvious answer-> Google-able :lol:
  5. I've been drooling over some ASUS boards with integrated water blocks and fittings. They call it "Fusion Thermo". I know their Maximus V Formula has it at this point, though it may be on others as well.
  6. Are you a gamer, overclocker, extreme W/c guy or a blingbot?
    I ask because there isn't much point to cooling a mobo,
    Gamers needn't bother,
    Overclockers might if they are pushing the Nb hard enough to warrant it
    Extreme coolers know the drawbacks of it and plan accordingly
    and Blingbots will do it because they can afford to
    Manufacturers will obviously tout their new toys as awesome, but you need to ascertain first,
    Do you need it?
    or just want it?
  7. couldn't have said it better matey! I'll just add to what he said^
    1| I myself own a RE X48 mobo that had the 2nd gen of fusion block thermal solution. in fact all this money draining cooling I'm doing on my AMS is to get to that bleeding edge.
    2| you can break down gamers into 2 categories
    i] the just playing games for the sake of playing gamers &
    ii] the I need it all blingy while I play and show off doing it gamers-> this def falls alongside the blingbots
    3| overclockers are wary of the uselessness of having full cover blocks+ it adds restriction to the loop

    and finally
    4| yeah Asus as well as other manufacturers will always try showing off stuff with advertising. If you had a LGA 775 mobo now that needed cooling then I'd have said go a head cool it as they were hot headed mobo's however with tech these days, lower nanometer spacing better TDP's and cooler running hardware all around -> its actually pointless if you have a mobo with digi power VRM's.
  8. **the I need it all blingy while I play and show off doing it gamers**
    Or Lanboys as they are colloquially known :P
  9. hmm no lanboys are more formally introduced into the wild-> blingbots however, these breed of people just don't know what they're doing. They can blow their arm+leg off and expect another one to grow back like a lizard :lol:
  10. Blingbots are the online version of the Lanboy, because they can't/won't go out out, they put the beast on forums for the webz to admire,
    We're all guilty of it to a degree but most people stop when form negates function
  11. Right now I'm building a new PC, the only thing that resembles Water Cooling is the CORSAIR Hydro Series H100. Afterwards I want to pass that on to my brother or sister, depending on who needs it the most.

    And if that does happen I want to make my own Future Proof Water Cooling PC for gaming, I also want to overclock it. This Water Cooling PC I'm planning on making it a "For Life" kind of computer.

    Plus I also want a Water cooling PC because my place gets pretty hot, so far, the PC I'm using right now gets really really hot during the summer, and somewhat hot during winter.
  12. Until you get to a certain level, watercooling is still affected by ambient temperatures, its better than air for load temps but will still idle higher in hot weather
    Overclocking can and often is done without W/c on the chipset, mainly because the small blocks add too much restriction into a loop, one way around this is a sseparate loop for the chipset, but thats another pump/rad/set of blocks and fittings onto the bill which is why most folks don't bother, its too little return for a large investment,
    and having all the extra kit in the case makes for a bad airflow, which affects temps,
    so you figure you'll buy/make an external radiator box, which can provide you with topline performance and quiet running without affecting case airflow,
    the 'downside' of that is time and money spent on the project,
    I have a radbox and also a waterchiller as well as the rest of the kit in my case but I'm not your average Watercooler or overclocker, for me there is no expense too great to discourage me from whatever I wish to do next, but most folks draw the line somewhere well ahead of me,
    Bottom line.
    Mobo blocks are unneccessary, damage your overall performance and cost a lot to do it,
    having said that, if you want to put one in, we can't stop you :)
  13. Well let's say I want to make two PCs, both are water cooling but one PC I want to overclocking and the other one I don't want to overclock at all. Can you tell me the price overall of both types of builds, if there are any big difference.

    Also, can you tell me the names or links for the pump/rad/set of blocks and fittings for both overclocking and non-overclocking PC. The same goes for the waterchiller and radbox. Or at least a list of them.

    Other than that maybe you can also help me on picking out a case or a few cases that are good for a water cooling PC built.

    I don't mind if it you take a long time of giving out the parts. Or if you can give me some type of guide that I can follow for the parts of water cooling, and the Specs of the PC. And maybe also giving me a website where I can buy Water Cooling parts. Which I only know two websites that sell those parts. Newegg and FrozenCPU.

    Other than you can either help me or just lead me the right direction to start looking for both overclock and non-overclocking parts. But if you do want to help me, I don't mind a late reply as you assist me.
  14. okay mr OP - that tall order you just placed is easily available in the watercooling sticky :)

    FYI - watercooling is a lot of things, being a hobby is one where you have to take time and break down the loop and clean it out at times. Just like taking the car out of the garage to give it a good scrubbing behind the mud flaps. So think again about handing your rig to your siblings with a watercooler attached to it. 2nd FYI - corsair or just about any other closed loop cooler can leak so might want to think about it in case you have alot of powpow's with your bro/sis :lol: a simple air cooler will do it for them.

    For a list of parts, you'll need to scoop out the homebuilt section. For the watercooling parts, we're here however we don't spoonfeed blokes-> all the info is available under your nose in front of your eyes in teh sticky :) located in my sig.

    Honestly, have you googled anything regarding watercooling? or have you come here expecting a direct answer? sorry for being this rude, but years of watercooling and tinkering to come here and tell you what to get -> instead of getting what suits your needs? In fact we were all laymens once, info is what helped us out.
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