Fastest 240GB/256GB Solid State Drive?

What's the fastest 240GB/256GB Solid State Drive?
At first, I was looking at the Chronos Deluxe, but now Intel 520.
I'm still not sure. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Go with the intel... Given the speed of modern SSDs, I doubt you will notice much difference between them and reliability is more important IMO
  2. Fastest at doing what? The answer depends on what you do with you computer.
  3. 240gb=kingston hyperX sata iii
    256gb=Samsung 830 sata iii.
  4. I agree with tokencode. The only time you will notice a difference is if you benchmark it. Intel drives are definitely some of the most reliable.
  5. I have the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB. Its ridiculously fast and I've not had even a single issue with it in the 6+ mos I've had it. I purchased it back at a time when the sandforce was plagued with issues and it worked perfectly. It benched pretty much exactly where they claimed it would run which is not all that common really.
  6. i never heard wrong about mushkin ssds too!
  7. I own two Chronos Deluxe. They're a bit pricy but they use toggle mode flash which is the best around
  8. I have an Intel 520 and have been very happy with the speed and reliability - Samsung's 830s are very comparable but I liked the 520 and that's what I purchased.
  9. I have the Samsung 830 and am very happy with t
  10. Thanks for all the replies.
    I will be using it for Windows Boot Drive, and gaming.
    I've seen benchmarks of the Intel 520, and it seems slower than the Chronos Deluxe.
    Also, the HyperX Kingston seems far to expensive at £330 for just 240GB.

    How about the Corsair Force Series GT 240GB (Red) SSD?
  11. Corsair force 3 isn't great but GT(red) is good.
  12. The Corsair GT (Red) seems to go with my theme very well.
    However, are the 'actual' read & write speed's greater/faster to those of the offering from Intel, Samsung and Mushkin?
  13. Best advice I ever saw:,3110-8.html

    JohnnyLucky hit the nail on the head.
  14. What kind of speeds are you getting with the Mushkin now? I got great speeds until I have it half full.
  15. Make sure trim is enabled in windows and that you leave the PC idle enough for it to run. performance will degrade a bit if not. Mine is 3/4 full and dropped slightly but not a lot.
  16. I say Intel 520 & they are the only ones I know of that offer a 5 year manufacture warranty. And they are very reliable & performance is good.
  17. specopspc said:
    I say Intel 520 & they are the only ones I know of that offer a 5 year manufacture warranty. And they are very reliable & performance is good.

    I used the 510 series before the Cherryville drives released and the read performance was great, but write speeds weren't fabulous. I am really happy with the 520 I have though - boot time is great!
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