~800ish Gaming/Poker PC


looking for something 700-900$ish not including monitors (plan on 3 28") kb, mouse, speakers, etc..

Main purpopse - To Multi table (up to 36 tables at once) Online poker games, while running data mining software (Table Ninja/AHK Scripts) on each table and scripting software w/o lag. My current laptop starts showing definite noticeable lag while datamining around 10 tables simultaneously although I can play with virtually no lag at 30+ tables w/o data mining software. (ie. Hold'em Manager)

I'm looking for something like an i5 with 6~ish gb of DD3 (no less than 6.. Thinking 8 for this particular build..?)

Was planning on most likely using the ATI Radeon 5770 to Support the 3 28" monitors. and Also I'll be playing some games ocassionally with the eyefinity technology..

I already have a 160gb Raptor.. but would need a secondary drive for storage primarily of whatever.. video's/music/etc..

I'd prefer a whole setup. I could put it together myself, but last time I had a b$tch of a time w/bad parts from various vendors, and had 2 RMA's and a return, and I ended up just getting a laptop cause it was pissing me off :). Sooo.. at least a barebones core would be the definite preference, but I've built several full PC's in the past.. Any setup/build ideas are welcome.


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  1. So will multitask. I say go for i5 with a 5770 and 6gb of ram. You do not need a board with more then 1 pci-e slot. I do not know if you want a sexi case but, if u do then go for something like raidmax smilodon, if u dont want fancy then cooler master 690.
    hope it helps
  2. Ok, you need a low end x58 board, and an i7-930 for multitasking.
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