Overclocking ram to 2133 why not just buy it rated at 2133?

Building i5-760 comp with MSI P55-GD80 mobo. plan on overclocking (1333) and pushing the ram to the limits. This has often causes problems with the stress on the ram. Can you just use ram rated at 2133 and still overclock the cpu with less problems? DDR3 is so cheap right now and you can just upgrade have the ddr3 2133 for later.
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  1. you dnt get much out of overclocking ram in the first place i dont know tons about ram but ive definatly seen like u can only get maybe a couple of hundred mhz more which basicly does nothing in terms of speed increase just buy higher speed ram and focus on overclocking a good cpu
  2. The desire to save $ € ¥

    True 2133, made of actual 2133 chips, is expensive and uncommon, and the vast majority of DIMMs advertised as 2133 are made of overclocked 1600 chips or even 1333 chips, rarely anything faster.
  3. You may find that your Processor is not stable with that ram speed.
    My I 5 2500k is rock stable with 1333 or 1600 when I got 2133 sticks it was very unstable at 2133 or 1866
  4. Overcloking ram is so pointless, you'll see 1FPS more top, it don't worth it.
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