No display on boot, have tried everything

So it all started with my computer shutting down. My cpu and the heatsink had apparently glued together because of not enough thermal grease. as a result, i went to pull them apart and put the cpu back in. i go to turn the computer on and all the fans power on, i can hear it booting, yet no display. even trying my onboard video card , no display. the display just has a yellow light, meaning theres no signal.

so i go to reseat my graphis card, and while doing so i accidently pulled one of the sata ports off the mobo. i go to put it back on, but a pin breaks. so now, i only have my two hard drivers connected, my cases sata cable connected, but no cd drive because my graphics card is so big and blocks the other ports. i try again, turns on fine, no display. i rebuild my entire computer, still no display. i tried taking out the cmos battery for 3 hours, put it back in, still no display.

im just stumped on what i should do. there are no motherboard beps that are bad i can hear the hard drives going. im just so confused. what should i do?
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  1. You haven't tried everything yet. Go to the "READ before posting about boot problems" sticky (link in my signature). Do EVERYTHING in that list. Do NOT SKIP any steps. Once you have done EVERY step in the list, come back with anything that happened during the steps.

    I'm not the best troubleshooter here, but I don't think that list is going to help you. I wouldn't be surprised if you have destroyed your board or CPU, possibly both. You may have just learned an expensive lesson: you should be gentle with technology...
  2. i actually have done that, and my cpu isnt fried considering when i turn it on, it still gets hot. accoding to other people, the same thing has happened to them. the computer wouldnt turn off, which happened to me. so i had to hit thr switch on the back. every since, it hasnt been working. but then the events i listed occured while trying to fix it.
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