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Widescreen video card for Dell Dim 4700?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 18, 2010 9:12:15 PM


I'm looking for a cheap PCI-express video card for a Dell Dimension 4700. It's built-in intel video chipset only supports 4:3 aspect ratios, and I want to get a new 19 or 20" widescreen monitor. I AM NOT A GAMER AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THOSE SPECS. I'm talking Word and Excel here, and the occasional movie. 128 to 256 MB should be fine, directX 9 or higher support is fine. It'll be running under Windows XP SP3 with no thought of upgrading to 7. I just want a cheap card that will support 1600 x 900 res widescreen monitors. Normally I use a Mac, and it never occurred to me to have to CHECK to see if video cards support both 4:3 and widescreen (all graphics cards in Macs do, for like the last decade). Anyway, I still need the old Windows box for a few things, but I'm sick of the 14" LCD monitor it came with and want to go widescreen for 2-page viewing.

Please limit your suggestions to cards, not reasons why i shouldn't get a widescreen or whatever. I just need a link to a suitable and hopefully low-priced card.


February 19, 2010 12:00:01 PM

jaguarskx said:
The following should suffice for your needs:

SPARKLE SFPX84GS256U2LP GeForce 8400 GS - $36 shipped - Passively cooled so no noise:

Galaxy 84GEE6HDFEXN GeForce 8400 GS - $26 Shipped after a $15 mail-in rebate - Has a small fan which means some noise:

THANKS! Found one in there and was able to google the full specs listing all supported display modes/rez's (what a pain that most manufacturers only list the TOP res, not ALL supported), and yes, I found a very inexpensive one that will work. Thanks again!