Configure Flash Player ALONE to connect via a working SSH tunnel?

I use Flash Player with Portable Firefox from a USB pen drive. It appears to work fine using my SSH tunnel with virtually all Facebook apps I have tested it on but when I try to use Facebook's Zynga Texas HoldEm Poker it returns the error:

Your firewall may be blocking access to port 9339. 
From this I and from others I have spoke with I learned that Flash ignores the connection settings configured in Firefox Portable and attempts to connect directly.

N.B. - the tunnel itself is definitely working fine and accommodates all other traffic, I have checked my IP online to confirm this.

I am able to work around this by using Sockscap, a freeware lightweight SOCKS wrapper which wraps all of Firefox Portable in the proxy which is a SOCKS SSH tunnel configured with PuTTY connecting to OpenSSH running at home. The problem with this method is that I use the same browser to connect to local systems in different tabs on the same session, and when Firefox Portable returns my home IP instead of the onsite proxy's to said systems access is denied - in fact the web pages won't even load.

I am researching a way to only SOCKS wrap TCP/9339, the IP the connection needs to be established with, *, * or Flash itself in its entirety, which is why I am here.

If relevant my Flash Player install is portable? That is, I manually installed NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt to /Firefox Portable/Data/plugins/.

My options within Sockscap:

The method below opens TCP/9339 and I can use the web and Texas HoldEm Poker as if I am at home but denies access to most local systems.

SOCKS wrapping all of Firefox Portable in the proxy and configuring the following direct addresses (these are not the actual IPs or ports): to access - this works.

abc.domain.tld to access http://abc.domain.tld:1235/ - this works also.

the ip which is returned by cmd > nslookup for blah1.blah2.blah3.blah4.domain.tld to access http://blah1.blah2.blah3.blah4.domain.tld/cgi-blah/blahblah.cgi - this does not work.

When I use Firefox unsocksified some of the systems I need to use onsite will work with Firefox set to use no proxy although they are very slow whereas when then on site proxy is enabled all of them work.

Ideally everything would go direct apart from Flash Player and one or two select websites, allowing me to access everything else on the web, and the local systems as normal.

So I know it's possible to use two proxies, one on site, one an ssh tunnel going remote but I think what I need is that AND just Flash Player SOCKS wrapped? Is this possible?

If a VPN would resolve this, I only want to configure it after I have exhausted all possibilities of using SOCKS wrapping and the SOCKS SSH tunnel.

Any suggestions?

The smallest bit of help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Apologies, tried to edit the title to:

    SOCKS wrap Flash Player ALONE in FF via a working SSH tunnel?

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