Stock Fan for Slight Overclock?

Hello, I have a ASRock Z77 Pro4-M, Apex/Powerspec TX606 case, and a Intel 3570k and the stock cooler because I don't have much extra money to spend on a different cooler. If I was looking to overclock to 3.6GHz or maybe 4GHz , as with turboboost speeds it up to 3.9GHz, would it be safe to use the stock cooler?
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  1. Try it and monitor temps. As long as it's not too high of an overclock it'll be fine.
  2. A good cooler is worth the 10-$20.00 spent . Even an 18.00 deepcool mc3002gx is better than the a stock cooler . Anything to bring down temps is good , will extend the life of the cpu .
  3. Newegg... Hyper 212+ Very cheap and very effective and you don't need to buy anything but the cooler as it even comes with new thermal paste.

    As for the stock heatsink holding those clocks? I have heard of 4.0Ghz on the stock cooler. I just wouldn't go to much above 70C in temperatures. Watch the temps and don't fry it and you should be fine.

    I'm still going to say get the Hyper 212+, excellent performance for a very budget price.
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