OS on Caviar Blue?

I have 2 640GB WD Green drives that i use for storage and because of a faulty Maxtor drive that had my OS(Windows 7) i have had to partition one of the green drives to install the OS on.

Ive since read that they may not be the best drives to have your OS is this right?

If so i have been looking at the Caviar Blue drives are they any better for an OS?

I did look at the black ones but they all seem to be more expensive and i dont want 1TB just for the OS, i would like between 150GB and 500GB maximum as it mainly be for the OS and possibly some backup storage.

Many thanks
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  1. WD Green drives are only 5400-5900RPM and are quite slow. They are fine for storage. The Blue series are 7200RPM and much better to have an OS installed on. They are also considered storage drives. The Black series is the performance series and also 7200RPM. The Blacks have other performace features and also have a 5 year warranty compared to the other drives 2 year warranty.

    You should also consider the quite good Samsung Spinpoint series and Seagate is not bad either.

    This is as fast as a WD Black and actually has a lower return rate.

  2. All HDD's will work fine as OS drives, but performance my vary from good to really crap.
  3. Thanks for the replies, i have always had WD drives so how do they compare to the Samsung and Seagate drives?
    They do seem cheaper then WD so thats a bonus!
  4. Samsung ( since bought by Seagate ) has the lowest return rate of any manufacturer. The Spinpoint series are great drives. I have used them in dozens of builds.

  5. Ok thats good, im in the UK and trying to find the equivilent on Amazon as i have some promo vouchers to use and have seen this one is it the same as the one you posted from newegg?

  6. Yep that looks like it. It is the same model number ST500DM005 so it should be the same drive. Just a different naming scheme on your side of the pond calling it a Seagate Barracuda Spinpoint.
  7. Is this an older model do you know as i couldnt find it on the Seagate website?
    i was searching google for it and it brought a few links to this site and some members saying Seagate isnt very good with some models had bad reviews?
  8. No it's just what they are calling the Spinpoint F3 now that Seagate has bought Samsung's hard drive division. It's the same model I linked you to on newegg. It's a Samsung designed drive.

    Seagate had some problems about 5 years ago with the 7200.11 series but quickly fixed the issue.

    As you can see from the page I linked to above both Seagate and Samsung have a lower overall return rate than WD does. As you can also see Seagate would have had even lower numbers except for that one certain bad 7200.11 model that was old stock.
  9. Ok thats good to know i'll probably buy that drive then.

    thanks again for your help :)
  10. Glad I could help. Enjoy. :)
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