Is this a good build? for whats the latest out?and the price?

asus m4179t deluxe 4 way crossfire
amd phenom II x4 965 3.4
4x xfx radeon hd 5750 xxx edition
4x crucial 4 bg ddr3 1066mhz
w.d. velicoraptor 300gb 10000 rpm
x3 ultra 1600 watts power supply
logisys clear aryclic clear case with 3 fans
w.d. mybook 1.5 terabyte
microsoft optical pro keyboard and mouse wireless
mouse pad

$2673.00 tax included or 2886.84 w/tax (everything)

im looking for a ver fast multitask pc, that can have many, i mean many programs opened, without even a slight lag, or freeze, exploring the internet, music recording, and editing, with software, and playing real time strategy, and turn based games.

p.s. if anyone wants to know the part #'s so they can build this, just ask!
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  1. Ok, I'll bite.

    No, this would be completely missing the mark.

    First of all, the motherboard can not accommodate 4 double slot video cards. You say the games you will be playing are RTS games, that would usually mean that you want as fast a CPU as possible, so shifting some of the budget from the GPUs to the CPU would make for an overall better performing PC, so you are looking at a P55 or X58 build instead of an AM3 one.

    Now, you don't want any kind of lag, I guess that means you want to go with a SSD instad of the VelociRaptor, which should be possible seeing as you are moving away from the 4 5750, if instead of those you go with a 5870 which should be enough for RTS games, but since we are going to ditch that 1600W PSU, there should be enough budget for a 5970 should you be able to locate one.
  2. i think it has plenty room for 4 doubleslotted video cards, just look at the link
  3. your right it wont fit, what about the msi790 fx would that work with 4 way crossfire
  4. Yes, that would work with CrossfireX, but you are still not building an optimal system for your intended purpose.

    Should you go ahead with this setup anyway, at least get a more efficient PSU.
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