8800 GTS upgrade or not?

Hey everyone. My circumstances are that I will shortly have my tax return from filing my taxes.

My current computer is an AMD X2 4400+ with 4 gigs of DDR-400 RAM (yes, it sux, I know). My video cards are two eVGA 8800 GTS (320MB of vRAM each card) running in SLI.

I am a computer consultant, and use my computer for a wide variety of things, everything from Gaming (almost every spare second I have), to the occational video encode/decode, e-mail, remote network administration, and even as a source for my 42" 1080p Plasma in my living room.

I highly multi task with this machine, but my main concern is gaming. I do it enough that I want to have good/decent performance. And up to this point, my main bottle neck(s) have been my CPU and RAM, which are both getting upgraded (i7 950 and a 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 Corsair Dominator Memory kit).

Originally, along with my motherboard, and a monitor, thats all I was planning on getting, due to finances. But, it turns out it wasn't as expensive as I originally expected.

My main game right now is only World of Warcraft, but I do like the First Person Shooters and play them somewhat regularly.

And so we come to my main question, would it be worth it to upgrade my current SLI setup? I have a MoBo picked out with SLI in mind, so I would prefer to have an SLI setup IF I even upgrade my video.

My current setup has served me well, but since my CPU and RAM won't be the bottleneck anymore, I'm worried how much my video cards will bottleneck me, if at all.

Ok all, fire away. Thanks!
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  1. Don't buy the i7-950. It's way overpriced.

    For extreme gaming performance, save money on the CPU / MOBO by:
    Amd Phenom II x4 965
    A zalman/Arctic cooler for the CPU
    OC the CPU to 4ghz.
    Get a MOBO that is Crossfire Capable.
    2xHD5850 in crossfire.

    $800, with a decent mobo, $920. This setup will guarantee you absolutely perfect performance in WoW.
    Forgot to add RAM. 4GB DDR3 RAM (1600mhz maybe?) will be around $80.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I do not OC since (as stupid as it sounds) I don't like OC'ing and am not comfortable with it.

    The 950 is a little pricey I'll grant you that, but since I have no intention of overclocking, and I'm happy with the performance shown on the performance charts, it is what I planneed to get.

    Thanks and please keep it comming!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that IF I upgrade my video card(s) I prefer to to keep it to nVidia based cards. Thanks!
  3. If you are simply wary because of past experiences, than you'll find OC'ing is quite safe. Almost every single 965 is guaranteed a 400mhz OC (very stable), and it's an absolute bargain.

    Can you give us a defined budget?
  4. Well, budget is kind of open right now. If you include the monitor I'm considering, along with all my other things (CPU, MoBo, RAM), It comes to around $1300 used of $2000 budgeted.

    Though I can give or take a couple hundred depending on what I'd be getting, and why.
  5. Bump. Anyone else have some opinions for me? Thanks!
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    Give it another couple of weeks and see whether Nvidia release the GF100 cards which might drop the prices of the GTX260' and GTX275's then pick up a couple of either.
  7. Get an i7 920 1366 system or i5 or i7 860 1156 system, or PhenomII system.

    Get the ATI 5x00 series now, or wait and see what Nvidia has to offer in March.
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