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I've had this problem for a while and it feels like I have tried everything including clearing cmos and checking cables and whatnot. But I give it a shot for it here, I'm sure you people might know the answer.

So: when I start my PC, it turns on, but nothing shows up on the monitor. Only one thing has worked for me to get it to boot normally, and that is to press the reset button until it does actually boot. Sometimes it takes a shitload of resets before I get it going. But the thing is, when it boots and I get it on the monitor too, everything works fine.

What could be bad? PSU? MB?

There was this one time I had an Xbox 360 dvdrom connected to the pc and I had troubles getting it to find the dvdrom. But after several reboots I got it to work. Could this have fried or messed something up in the system? Apart from that time I have not made any other hardware changes. And as I said I have tried clearing the cmos, tried different ports for anything inside the pc and I have even taken everything out and tested with minimal parts. Tried updating the bios too but without any change to the problem.

Regardless what it does the same thing when I start it. Ps. today it took me about 30 resets to get it to boot correctly, but after that it has worked, might just leave it on because I don't know if it wants to start again. I'm writing from the very pc right now.

My setup is:
Cpu: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
MB: GA-M55PLUS-S3G Rev. 2.1
Gfx: GeForce 7950GT 512MB
Mem: 2x Corsair 1GB 6400
One dvd burner and three hdd's which are working fine without any errors.

Best regards,
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  1. If you get it working back-up any information you have on the computer right away. I had a computer do that once and it died shortly thereafter.

    I probably don't know more than you here.. but I would have guessed PSU or Mobo as well. Do you have another PSU you can try without buying one?
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