Whats the best GPU my CPU can handle?

what's the best AGP 8x card that i can run without it being limited/wasted due to CPU limits? found some on with double/triple the core/memory MHZ of my 9550 and arent that much. dont wanna spend alot cause im gonna build a new pc within a few months.

Radeon HD 2400 Pro:

PC Specs:

Model: Compaq Presario SR1563CL
MB: Asus K8S-LA (is the number printed on middle of board so i guess that's the model?)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400+
RAM: 1.5GB PC3200 DDR Ram (may buy 2nd 1gb stick for 2GB if it helps)
GPU: ATI Radeon 9550 256MB AGP 8x (250mhz core, 195mhz memory stock, had up to 390/220 OC'd i think)
OS: Windows XP Home
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    This article uses the same CPU you have, if you can overclock then the HD 3850 or 4670 would be a good buy. OP has single core, misread that.

  2. Go with an HD3650 AGP.

    Best I can recommend without a significant bottleneck.
  3. my cpu is single core socket 754, that test is X2(dual core?) socket 939.
  4. aspec said:
    my cpu is single core socket 754, that test is X2(dual core?) socket 939.

    Beat you to the punch, :P.

    Just going off this chart, you can see the upgrade from where you're at.
  5. the link you gave me for 3650 is pci-e 2.0 x16
  6. oh your right, I cant read right now, its getting late...
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  8. so the 3650 is the best/cheapest i could go then?
  9. how much of an increase would it be over the radeon 9550? and would getting my ram to 2gb help at all or no?
  10. It would be quite an upgrade. There's no specific amount one can say, just that it'd be quite satisfactory.
  11. ok, thanks.
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