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I have a laptop with a built-in VGA out (off an NVIDIA 8600M GT). I'm purchasing a 26" monitor that has VGA/DVI/HDMI etc. I would like to know whether to use a straight VGA cable from the laptop to the monitor (and have the monitor do the analog/digital conversion) or if I should use a VGA/DVI adapter and a straight DVI cable to the monitor (allowing the adapter to do the VGA/DVI conversion).

In a nutshell: which method will cause less delay/ghosting?

Thanks in advance!
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    Just go with straight VGA. You won't get any enhancement using an adapter if the Laptop doesn't support a DVI-out.
  2. There will be very little difference between them. I'd just use a VGA cable, because an adapter will cause more connection points where data could be lost.
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