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Hi everyone.When i keep connected ATX 12v 4pin connector near CPU PC dosnt start CPU fan only spins 1 or half time then stops. When I unplugged it that time works but now display at screen. Please help. Thanks..
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Hopefully, one of three things: 1. Short or 2. Bad PSU or 3. Poorly mounted CPU.

    First and simplest, to test for a "short" unscrew ALL of the MOBO mounting screws and pull away from the I/O shield and dangle the MOBO and try to start {also you can pull-out the MOBO and breadboard}.
  2. If none of these suggestions do it for you, a distant fourth possibility is a short in the HSF. I recently fixed a computer where the same problem you had was present. After doing the obvious tests on PSU, mobo, and ruling out shorts, I replaced the HSF and the computer started up w/o problems.
  3. ^ HSF {Human Space Flight / Hispanic Scholarship Fund?} -> Heat Sink & Fan.
  4. ^ MOBO {manufacturer and wholesaler of cellular phone accessories?/urban music award show?} -> motherboard
  5. ^+1 lol i saw that one too
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