Gaming PC Budget $500-$600

Iam looking towards on building a new gaming PC within this month if not the next month. I am in Canada so if anyone is willing to help fix my list, please do. I actually dont know much about recent parts that are recommended within that $500-$600 so please feel free to leave your message. Please and Thank You! Would prefer to be CAD prices.


Budget Range from $500-600 or cheaper.


The follow is what i will need for a gaming computer.

Video Card: or Good enough to run modern games

MotherBoard: ?

Power Supply: ?

CPU: Can be AMD or Intl

RAM: or Around 1.5GB or more depending on how much i need for this PC and that is required for a gaming PC

Hard Drive: I want around 1T HD.

DVD drive: or better

PC Case: Is optional, it doesn't have to be included if budget is too tight or hard to work with then leave it out.

Parts and other stuff that are not needed:
Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, sound card, printer, Ethernet card, OS
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    Ok start off with the lower end of that budget spectrum hehe
  2. Thanks batuchka but is there some sort of link to those parts? And if anyone is trying to look for parts for me, try looking at these following sites:
    And any others that might be better. Thanks again for anyone who gives me a list.
  3. Whoops those are from Newegg USA
  4. Oh lol ok, so will it be the same if i look at the Canada site? Thanks for your time in looking into it though =p
  5. You are welcomed - yep if h/w available looks same but in Canadian prices i'm afraid ^^
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