GTX 460 overclocking voltage control problems.


I have gigabyte gtx 460 SOC (GV-N460SO-1Gl). I've been trying to overclock it. I've been able to push it to 950 mhz core clock and then my display drivers started crashing. But thats just part of a problem that I think is due to the voltage. I've been trying to bump it up a bit with gigabyte OC guru to no avail. Gpu-z, hw-monitor and even oc guru monitor don't show any increase in the voltage. (stays at the default of 0.950 or slightly lower). I have an assumption that this is due to some built in feature that limits the voltage or the green feature that underclocks the gpu while its not under load. The temp only peaks at around 50 degs cels on 3dmark 11 and I suspect that there is plenty room for overclocking if I could just get the voltage to act correctly.

If any one could provide some help I would greatly appreciate it.
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    try using msi afterburner to up the voltage

    theres a box you need to tick in the setting to unlock voltage control

    doesnt matter if its not an msi card
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