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Hey everyone!

I'm not very familiar with networking, though im trying to learn, and i have a slight problem. We just recently moved to a new house and need help setting up my internet.

In my old house, i had my computer which was connected to a router (Westell model 327, the one my ISP gave me) and another computer in the room next to mine. We shared the router by passing an Ethernet cable through the wall connecting the family computer to the router.

Now that we have relocated, the rooms are much to far apart to run an ethernet cable from the family computer to the router located in my room by my computer. My question is, how can connect the other desktop to this router without the use of a cable?

Neither my desktop nor the family computer has a wireless card, and i really dont want to buy one unless REALLY necessary (the laptops do, and they're fine). I was looking at those Powerline Network adapters (the ones that go through your outlet) but i wasnt too sure about it. Those anygood?

Can anyone point me in the right direction and give me some options? Just so i have somewhere to start me research...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would only buy any brand of Powerline adapters with the retailer's agreement to a refund if there are problems. There are issues with the pattern of your house wiring and with noise.
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