I'm not very knowledgeable on RAID, or using two SSD's.

Currently, I have 1 SSD with my operating system installed on it, and everything. I want to add a 2nd SSD for more space. Does this mean I have to run the two SSD in RAID 0?

Will Windows 7 recognize the two SSD as one drive, or will it recognize them as two separate drives?

*Note: Both SSD are identical, same brand (Mushkin) and same amount of space (120GB).

Thanks in advance!
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  1. If all you want is more space, you don't need to use a RAID configuration, just install the second drive.

    If you want RAID, here is a quick explanation:

    RAID 0: Striping - 2 discs are used as 1, meaning data is written spanning both hard drives. If 1 drive fails, the whole system fails.

    RAID 1: Mirroring - 1 disc is mirrored to the second disc. You get no extra space, but if 1 drive ever fails, you have an exact copy.

    There are more types, but these are the two most common. Check wikipedia for a more detailed explanation.
  2. I would just save and get a larger SSD and use the separately. If your controller doesn't support TRIM passthrough, your SSD performance may get worse over time with RAID. SSDs are so fast that you won't see much difference from using RAID 0 and will double the chances of losing your data.
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