This is what I need to find out. An Intell motherboard that supports the latest 64 bit CPU quad core, supports triple or dual channel memory, FSB of 1060 MZ or greater, supports at least 8 hard drives, PC1e X16 slot, supports RAID 0/1/5, on board NIC/Audio/1394, ESATA port. Then I also need to find an AMD motherboard with the same specs. and need to find CPU\'s that will work with these motherboards and a list of their specifications. Thanks

I also need to know where to find these motherboards online so I can print them with all the above listed specs.
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  1. Go to and do an advanced search. It will list all boards meeting your specs. Be sure to specify ddr2 or ddr3. Newer Intel sockets 1156 and 1366 use only ddr3.
  2. Sounds like a homework project =P

    Just do like o1die stated: you filter out what you want and don't want and maybe find a board the meets your requirements.

    So try sites like:
    and so on

    and check what they have on their sites.
  3. It is a homework project and I'm lost!! Thanks
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    maalig said:
    It is a homework project and I'm lost!! Thanks

    All right mate, i don't support "cheating" per se, but i'll give you some help here.

    Here are two links.

    The intel link is for 3 boards that meet all the requirements you listed. These are all based off the LGA 1366 socket.

    Now it's up to you to choose one of these boards and select the processor. I'm not going to do the project for you mate =P.
    To find the right processor make sure you look for one that fits in the LGA 1366. This would typically be a quad-core i7.

    Now this second link is for the AMD platform, based of the AM3 Socket. Look for a processor that was made for the AM3 socket. A Phenom II quad-core would fit nicely here.

    Keep in mind that to make sure the motherboard you select will support the CPU you select you will need to check the "CPU Support list" on the board's manufacturer website. (ie. For the Asus board you will visit

    Also all of these boards support DDR3 but you can also verify if they are compatible just like the cpu support list except it will be a "Memory Support List".

    If you need any more clarification let me know. =)
  5. Gekko, you are kinder than I am. I would have pointed OP to newegg|Computer hardware|Motherboards|Socket 1366 and that's about all.
  6. @jsc thanks! I don't want to be known as the evil-sadistic-hyperactive-psycho-maniac that i am. lol, well i've met users that really don't know anything about pc's - much less their parts. So i figured if this person was like any of those users i've encountered, i could give him a little help. x)
  7. I'm really not trying to cheat I just needed some guidance on where to look and what I'm looking for!! I'm not too sure about all of this computer stuff. Thanks for all your help. I did find the Intel motherboard now I'm on to the AMD motherboard. I also have to build a computer so I am looking for the best motherboard to get. Austin
  8. Sounds like a project i had to do back in basics xD. This build is a virtual build correct? You'll have to say why built it or what not? lol.

    If you want a good board choose an EVGA board (classified boards are top-notch ;D)
  9. Thanks!! I'm a welder not a computer guy!!! I've been looking for the AMD motherboard and the closest I've come to what I need with all the same specs is the Super H8QGi-F from Supermicr. is there one that is better? This one doesen't seem to have all the specs I need? Thanks again!!
  10. Ummm, what are you trying to build? A server? =P
    That board is crazy overkill for a workstation.

    Linky hurr~!

    I had previously posted this link - both of these AMD boards work - they are AM3 socket based and support phenom II quad processors. And they are not server boards - but they should meet your specs (like the Intel boards) unless you are referring to different specs.
  11. Oh OK! Sorry I thought the link was for Intel. Like I said, clueless but trying! Thanks again for all your help. Yeah this is a virtual build and I hope I get all the pieces and parts right and where they belong so I can pass this class!
  12. Lol, not a problem mate. If you need anything else feel free to let me know :)
    And good luck with your class x)
  13. I will for sure!! You have been a great help! Thanks again!
  14. :)
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