FPS drop after few minutes of gameplay


Core i7 920
BFG GTX 260 Core 216
GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R motherboard
Generic brand 500w PSU

Recently, I've been noticing a severe FPS drop in all my games after a few minutes of gameplay. I've reinstalled drivers, checked temps in GPU-Z to make sure there's no overheating (around 70C), and I can't really think of anything else that's wrong. Help?
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  1. I used to use a PSU that came w/ the case. it was a 500w P.O.S.
    it would cause fluctuations in my fps, and sometimes BSOD my computer during games.
    It could be the power supply isn't sending enough stable juice down the 12v rail.
    The PSU is almost always the most under appreciated part of a build.
    I like BFGs offerings on PSUs, and i use them for most of my builds.
    Find one that is @ least 80+ Certified (energy efficiency)

    **before you swap out the PSU (which you should do anyway, i've never been a fan of 'generic' power supplies, to unreliable and energy ineffective) make sure there are no background programs that are conflicting. Close every background program that you have. I've seen Windows Media Center downloading 'program updates' effect FPS too
  2. I was going to lean PSU there too. Sounds like it can hang for a while, then starts shortchanging your GPU. +1 for BFG, Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, PC Power and Cooling all are quality units.
  3. You can find pretty inexpensive PSU's that will power your video card. Also, check and make sure your v-sync in your video settings in-game and on the nvidia panel is turned to off.
  4. TIgerDirect and NewEgg will often have great daily deals that if your lucky you can get one for really cheap
  5. Thanks guys, I will hopefully be picking up a new PSU soon.
  6. good luck with it
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