Help with 2 SSDs, External and OS Drive

I would like to buy two relatively cheap but reliable SSDs. One would be for an external drive and another for an boot drive. Here is one I found on New Egg:

Its at a good price for 120gb and has great reviews. I have a few questions. Is this a good SSD? Are there any other rival ones that are around same price and GB?

Also would it be possible to convert this somehow into an external drive through USB?

And finally when I get a SSD for a boot drive, how would I change it to use the SSD as the boot drive and not my HDD?
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  1. It is good at a great price! Here is some good info
    Just mount one of them in an 2.5" external enclosure.
    Pretty much put the drive in make sure your SATA controller is set in ACHI mode and install windows on the drive, it is good practice to unplug the hard drive during installation then plug it back in later.
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