Dell XPS Studio 435T and OCZ3P1333LV6GK voltage and compatibility issu

If the memory memtests OK for 15 hours, can one assume that it is compatible with the testing computer, specifically with regard to memory voltage?

While some manufacturers offer guaranteed compatibility for the Dell XPS 435T (Foxconn mobo is not overclockable; stock mem DDR3 PC3-8500 @ 1.5v) with 1.65v RAM, some do not. Crucial will configure for this machine(1.5 and 1.65v); OCZ does not list it. However, inquiries were made with OCZ prior to purchase regarding its use (the use of this mem with this machine) and more specifically about the voltage issue prior to purchase of the second set of 6gb. At the time of these inquiries, the first set was returnable and the second was not yet purchased. Their response implied that the voltage difference was not so important but that density was so I bought 6 identical sticks of 2gb memory (DDR3 PC3-10600 @1.65v - OCZ3P1333LV6GK). Now that I have had continuing problems their story has changed, but its way too late for me to return it or have any recourse to fix the issue with anyone but them and they did not offer to redress the issue.

Any suggestions? Before I changed out 6gb OCZ for the original mem, as I was using Photoshop more and getting very regular freezes and reboots and didn't have the culprit in sight, a helpful poster thought it might be the power supply, among other possibilities. Might that figure in here, too? (Thread:

My only idea is to try the OCZ at 7-7-7-24, as some of the other like 1.65v mems offered for the 435T are configured.
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  1. Crucial -

    Verify, regardless of the RAM being identical separate each {set} ans install {set 1 - 2/4/6} & {set 2 - 1/3/5}
    The recommended memory configurations are:
    Matched memory modules installed in DIMM connectors 2, 4, and 6 and another matched memory modules installed in DIMM connectors 1, 3, and 5.

    Memtest only proves that the RAM is not damaged.

    Also, I don't know Dell's BIOS,but if there's a way NOT to use {XMP} or {Auto} then Manually set the RAM speed, CAS, and DRAM Voltage.

    Dell link1 -
    Dell link2 -

    DELL can be a pain with it's RAM; many posts here.

    Good Luck!
  2. Thanks much.

    All was done as you rec, except and but I believe one cannot set DRAM voltage with this mobo.

    The Crucial analysis was in line with what they showed when I just plugged in the make/model. A typical one of those was for a matching spec set, as I mentioned: DDR3 PC3-10600 • 7-7-7-24 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR3-1333 • 1.65V
  3. 1.65V RAM typically has an operational range of ±0.2V~±0.3V. Most 1.65V RAM will work @ 1.50V unless OC.
    However, it is NOT a good idea to install RAM with a Voltage disparity {e.g. RAM 1.5V AND RAM 1.65V}, but I thought ALL of you RAM is identical OCZ -> "6 identical sticks of 2gb memory (DDR3 PC3-10600 @1.65v - OCZ3P1333LV6GK)"?

    OCZ3P1333LV6GK 1333MHz DDR3 / CL 7-7-7-20 @ 1.65V

    BIOS Load Optimal Default.

    Q - What options are available with 'Advance DRAM Configuration'?

    OCZ - Tested -
    Crucial - Tested {includes 1.65V} -
  4. You thought right, there is no disparity in my installed RAM; identical sticks, though purchased in 2 sets of 3x2. Your OCZ link is extremely helpful as I never could find (or find again) a direct listing by them of the mem I bought as being rec'd by them for my machine.

    I will reboot and post back the "Advance DRAM Config" options; just timings, nothing for voltage, as I recall; I will flash the bios/CMOS then also (I mean set to defaults, though that is what the current settings are, I think). I remember changing the settings from 7-7-7-16 to -20, but it seems the default should have been -20.

    Thank you.
  5. ^ Good Luck! Let 'us' know!
  6. jaquith said:

    BIOS Load Optimal Default. (DONE)

    Q - What options are available with 'Advance DRAM Configuration'?

    Advance DRAM Configuration


    DIMM1 Memory Information [Press Enter]
    DIMM2 Memory Information [Press Enter]
    DIMM3 Memory Information [Press Enter]
    DIMM5 Memory Information [Press Enter]

    Advanced Memory Setting [Manual, reset to Auto]

    tCL 7
    tRCD 7
    tRP 7
    tRAS 20
    tRFC 59
    tWR 8
    tWTR 4
    tRRD 4
    tRTP 4
    1T/2T Timing 2T
  7. Change {tRAS 20} to tRAS 24; more than likely the 2T/2N is correct.

    So the $100 Q - Does it work?!

    Also, you might want to check CPUz


  8. OK, I will change tRAS only as contemplated, and post back.

    I have CPU-Z and CPU-Tweaker, but little confidence.

    (The OS changes the label of my boot drive to C:, whichever physical drive it is? Gotta stick with one for now.... slowly learning.)

    Image is of the stock set up.
  9. (3) Questions, I am a little "fuzzy":

    Q1 - Can you 'change' ANY BIOS settings with CPU-Tweaker; if yes then uninstall it. BIOS invasive Utilities are notorious problem creators.

    Q2 - What's the current status with 'Freezing' with the 6-matching OCZ RAM?

    Q3 - If you run MSCONFIG {Diagnostic mode} does the stability issue(s) disappear?
  10. I have not tried to change anything via Tweaker, and thank you for the warning.

    I've been running the 6 gb OCZ at 7-7-7-24 for 2 hrs or so and that is very good, but haven't challenged things as I intend to this afternoon.

    I now nothing of running MSCONFIG and will look into that and report back.
  11. My computer's cookies and the web site seem to be having a disagreement: I meant to add in and edit:

    I wonder how much slower 24 is than 20 (default is 16; my machine is supposed to be configured for 20 for this OCZ RAM).
  12. I've only used MSCONIG to edit startup progs, as far as I can remember.

    My guess is you are suggesting to try it in diagnostic mode with the current tRAS 24 setup only if proves unstable, or with the tRAS 20 setting to see if it is stable in a basic setup.
  13. ^ My concern is to R/O {rule-out} BIOS invasive Apps and/or other Apps possibly causing an instability.

    As far as the correct settings for the RAM; the 20 vs 24 won't mean too much but setting it correctly is a Best Practice.

    I still need to know what's going on?? So please answer:
    Q2 - What's the current status with 'Freezing' with the 6-matching OCZ RAM?
  14. CPU-Tweaker gives one the option of applying settings at the next boot, if that eases your mind any.


    MemSet is a tweaker wich allow to change memory timings under Windows.
    You can read principal and secondary timings, and eventually change these timings values.

    Supported chipsets:
    -INTEL 815 845 848 855 865 875 915 925 945 946 955 965 975 P35 X38 P45 & X48,
    desktop and laptop.
    -NVIDIA NForce2, NForce 650i, 680i & 790i.
    -VIA KT266/333/400/600.
    Supported processors:
    -AMD K8, ddr & ddr2.
    -MemSet main page.

    Same as MemSet but for CPU with Integrated Memory Controller only,
    CPU-Tweaker allow to change memory timings under Windows.
    You can read principal and secondary timings, and eventually change these timings values.

    Supported processors:
    -AMD Phenom DDR2 & DDR3.
    -INTEL Core i7 DDR3. (Timings and frequency Reading only)
    -CPU-Tweaker main page.
  15. I still need to know what's going on?? So please answer:
    Q2 - What's the current status with 'Freezing' with the 6-matching OCZ RAM?

    As I said, all's well so far. I will try a Photoshop 'refine edges operation', known to
    paralyze the infirm.
  16. 'Refine edges' went off without a hitch. I'll continue and then:

    1. add the other 6gb.
    2. change tRAS to 22 to see if it will fly.
  17. ^ I'm keeping up... Good Luck!
  18. One step forward.....

    Computer didn't lock up in idle last night, a good thing, so I added the 6gb in slots 2, 4, 6. Boot fine and OK without much work but all freezes 5 mins into Lightroom session.

    On reboot, I check pre-boot setup to verify settings and all is as it should be but then I check the DIMM Memory Info and find that the 2 sets have diff default tRAS though they are the same part number, etc. Banks 1,3,5 are 16 (these are the ones that were working OK at tRAS 24); banks 2,4,6 are 20. (tRAS 24 as still in effect for all 12 as set manually when freeze occurred.)

    I'll give them another chance but it looks like one of these must go and be replaced to match exactly. I may try the tRAS 20 set by themselves as well (at 24). Perhaps I should switch banks (put the second set in slots 1,3,5) to see if the speeds (16, 20) track the mem rather than staying fixed with the slots.
  19. Another freeze. I pulled all and installed second set in 1,3,5. BIOS reports tRAS 20, so speed is tracking mem rather than slots.

    Will work awhile. If no freeze, perhaps mixing of tRAS is the issue with running the full 12gb, since either would work alone. But that's getting ahead....
  20. Going back to MSCONFIG {Diagnostic}; forget about the startup - test the Diagnostic for now.

    Also, Dell has an oddball DIMM numbering scheme
  21. It is very oddball, but I have been on board with that. For now still waiting to see if the transplanted set 2 freezes.
  22. Well, that didn't take too long. Got a re-boot instead of a freeze.

    Booting basic via MSCONFIG diagnostic mode now.

    Waiting... booted.
  23. So working in D mode.. can I run anti-virus (avast) or should I just stay offline with that machine for awhile? No hardship if so.

    Nevermind, sorry, I can try to figure that one out.

    OK for an 1 1/2 hours or so with set 2 still in 1,3,5... but I must depart 'til the AM.
  24. ^ I'm keeping up...again Good Luck!
  25. 2 hrs work; freeze with set 2 in 1,3,5 in D-mode.

    Switching back to set 1 in 1,3,5; in D-mode.
  26. As before entering D-mode, no fails with set 1 in 1,3,5.

    Next I'll leave D, and do I don't know what.
  27. I think it's time to RMA the RAM.
  28. Yes, I guess so. Since memtest found nothing, I'll likely have to depend on my inquiries with OCZ and the link you passed me indicating the RAM as good for my system.

    You've been a great help and a very nice fellow to work with as well.

    Best wishes...

    (image links don't seem to be working as they were...)
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