OC my Q9550

Right. So I've got me a brand new Q9550 from Microcenter.

here are specs:

Case: Storm Sniper Cooler Master

Cooler: Corsair H50 Liquid cooler. (Preforms like High-End air cooler)

Paste: IC Diamond 24 carrot Thermal Compound. (Rapes AS5 by like 3 C)

Mobo: Asus X48 Rampage Fourmala DDR2.

What Settings should i use to get the best safe Oc I can?

EDIT: Posted this in Overclocking, and everyobdy there is ingoring this post/nobod goes there!
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    This guide would probably be the best bet to follow:

    Good luck!
  2. Take a look at this post:

    Basically set the FSB to 400Mhz instead of 333Mhz and you might have to increase the VCore as well. The Core2 CPUs OC very easily and so is the X48 chipset.
  3. People are probably ignoring it as it has been asked a million times already, probably by myself.

    Do as zenthar says. Although my system doesn't overclock much more than what it is at, perhaps ram, perhaps just the chip I don't know.

    Good luck.
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  5. Max safe voltage specified by intel (1.36v I think?) while under max safe temps specified by intel (72c I think?), then up the FSB until unstable (assuming your RAM keeps up). :)

    I got lucky with my low volt 3.8. I get right around 50c under 100% load, and it creeps up to 55c after a month or so until I clean it again.

    As long as you keep it cool you'll have a long lasting, ass kicking CPU. :)

    Q9550 rocks, and once OCed you have a better gamer than anything [OC]AMD (except maybe the X6s on BFBC2 hehe).

    I'd use whatever settings keep you at a decent temp (I wouldn't go over 65c under 100% load, remember games usually won't get you to 100% so you probably won't hit this temp while gaming). The settings you achieve will matter mostly on your cooling, as long as you aren't limited by your other hardware (mobo/ram).
  6. Cool!

    Will try 4.0 at 1.3V
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