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Hi guys,

I'm putting together a new build that includes an Corsair H100i and a CM Storm Stryker Case, and I'm trying to figure out what the best placement for the radiator is for optimal airflow.

For those not familar with CM Storm Stryker case and its stock fans: http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=3099&product_name=CM%20Storm%20Stryker

Basically two 120mm front intakes, room for 240mm radiator at top and bottom, and a 140mm fan at back.

I'm considering a few options:

#1: Standard placement at top of case using a pull config to exhaust air from inside of case to outside. I know it's better to intake cool air from outside of case into the radiator, but if I use a push config, I'll only have one 140mm fan at the back of the case for exhaust, and I'd rather keep intake/exhaust as balanced as possible.

#2: Put radiator at bottom of case, and use pull config to intake cold air. I like this idea - my only concern is that my case is going to sit on carpet, so might not be the coolest/cleanest air being sucked in.

Also keep in mind that my video card is an MSI GTX 670 Power Edition, so the cooling system probably exhausts more hot air into the case than a reference card would because of the fan design. That's another concern I have with option #1, as there might be more hot air going into the radiator than is ideal.

Any opinions on what the best way to go is? Thanks, appreciate the help!
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  1. i would go with #1

    the case designer already calculated what you have thought :)
  2. Yeah, I'll most likely just set it as an exhaust at the top of the case, at least initially. Any other thoughts?
  3. watercooling sticky-> closed loop cooler section, around the 2/3rd mark there's info on optimal setup/layout

    Edit: I'd go with #1
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