Setup a server and small network for 4 compurers

I am setting u a network in and small office for my sister. She has 6 computers.
I plan to us 2 as Servers and the other 4 for staff.

She needs to to backups , install the accounting system on the server. also give each user a folder or a drive to save their emails and other documents

The currently the 4 computers are connect via a 6 hub dlink router

How to add / set up that server ? whats the best software? What is the best antivirus and firewall to use?


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  1. I suggest Windows Server 2003 for your server operating system, it can be configured to have each user's "My Documents" on the server as well as a "U:\" drive for all their important files in case of computer crash. It can also handle all of their emails through Exchange.
    Also, Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 for backups.
    AVG antivirus is a good solution, relatively cheap also.

    Not sure about firewall.
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