Optical Drive on the Fritz

I need to use my optical drive to burn a disk image, but every time Windows Disk Image Burner comes up and I click "burn", the optical drive opens and spits out my cd, then lists a message saying "There is no recordable disc in your disk burner. Insert a blank recordable disk and try again."

I've tried two different disk, reinstalled Nero 8 disk burning software, checked for new drivers, but it still doesn't work. Even though the disks I used were blank,I tried formatting the, but that also didn't work. However, I don't think the drive is functionless; when I put a game cd the optical drive is able to read it and use the cd's launcher. Any ideas about what I can do?
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  1. Buy a new one.. They are cheap...
  2. do you actually have a dvd burner?

    i hate to point out the obvious, but some people can miss these things.
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