Did I damage my radiator?

I have the alphacool NexXxoS xt45 full copper radiator and today I was installing my fans and didn't realize that there were 2 different screw lengths. So the luck I have I picked up a set of the longer screws and decided to force the screws down because they were not going flush to the fans like the other 2 sets did. I heard a bit of a grinding noise and I stopped took the screws out and realized the size differences. I want to know if I have damaged something and how can I test/check to make sure I have not damaged the radiator. Quoting the design feature here: "Even the dreaded insertion of a screw too far into the radiator does not result in expensive damage. Unlike other radiators, the NexXxos series is equipped with an internal protective ledge which stops the screw before it damages the fins". Did this feature save me or am I still in hot water?

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Easy fill the rad with water, see if it leaks
  2. Heres how you test, put in the other screw. Does it keep spinning if not you got lucky and didn't strip out the hole. Unless you used a way longer screw I don't see it damaging anything else.
  3. seriously???

    1| the rad was designed to handle screw ups(pun intended)
    2| before filling er up, inspect with the good ol eyes see if the screws were pushed via brute force and ate through the skirting/ledge
    3| still can't tell, fill er up with water(distilled and hot) and shakey shakey.

    ^ but seriously??? I have the Alphacool Monsta 240 and I noticed the skirting under the screw mounts. Ingenious design though!
  4. it happens. I have the xspc rx radiator(the rx shroud is right against the radiator body). I did the same thing, but my issue was the thinner fan.

    yep, screw poked a hole in the radiator copper tube. peeled open the edge where the screw hole is and plugged it with some epoxy. been using it for 3 years since.

    the other side wasn't an issue because the screw went between two copper tubes instead of dead on it.

    Fill er up, see if it drips.
  5. again, to all the noobs please learn to google before saying anything people!

    unless OP used a pointed tip screw to screw fans onto the rad, there is no chance in hell he'll ding that screw shield. BTW, if Op is using pointed tip screws then he's got this all backwards.

    ^ this idea is found on all of their Nexxos lineups including the Monsta.
  6. ya, ok, just be more of a dick next time that someone doesn't own the same product as you do.

    besides my point still stands, if somehow he did screw it up it can be fixed. Even a dented piece of copper can crack.

    but for your point sure, don't check for leaks, hook it all up and see if it drips on the motherboard while running instead since they put "protectors" on it. Don't play it safe just to make sure something didn't go wrong because they designed it to be perfect.
  7. OP hasn't posted a pic of his damage so you can guess all you want. The entire rad is not made of copper. I own one, no need to shed a tear but the reviews are clear for you to read, provided you're not special. Tom's ToC's -> please stand in line like the rest of us otherwise you can find another forum to bark at.

    @ OP - your observation can trump us all actually, instead of waiting for an answer :)
  8. Lutfij said:
    again, to all the noobs please learn to google before saying anything people!

    Anonymous said:
    ya, ok, just be more of a dick next time that someone doesn't own the same product as you do.

    My message is simple. If you don't like being called names, don't call people names.
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