Is this site fake or something ?

Basically im buying this card :
But why is it so so cheap. I looked at other prices and it varied from 290-334

Ebays price :

Also it is the OC + Boost edition as you can see in the item number.

+ Proof that is VAT added on already :

So why is the price insainly low ?
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  1. Any ideas why it is this price difference
  2. Probably because Ebay isnt right or something, Ebay still sells GTX460's for 200$ lol.
  3. That price is actually very accurate, it's a good deal but it's not too far off from reputable dealers like Newegg, 213 Pounds is around 300 dollars, meaning that you save 20-30 dollars off Newegg price. It's savings but not enough to call it scammy.
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