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begging everyone's indulgence, i have one last question. i have the hauppauge 2250 tv tuner card. my cable set top box is connected to it. the 2250 is supposed to be a dual tuner card which will let me watch one show while recording another (or record two shows simultaneously.) how do i do that?

right now it will only let me record the show i'm watching. is there a setting i have to change or some cable i have to connect to record on both tuners at once?

again, any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, ruthy c.

oh, btw, i'm using windows media center in windows 7.
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  1. As far as I know, what you're trying to do is not possible when using a set top box. The set top box is only sending one channel at a time to the TV tuner. I have a 2250 connected to a roof-top antenna and recording two HD shows at once works great, but that's because the 2250 is sorting out the channels on its own.
  2. thank you shortstuff_mt. i was beginning to suspect as much...
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