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In a couple of weeks i will be purchasing parts for a water cooling loop setup. But this i my first loop setup and i am a little nervous, so any and all advice is appreciated. Ive read a lot here on the water cooling forums on this site and other sites but i don't really see any reviews on the parts im looking at and that leaves me feeling uneasy. and a down side is im am on a budget of about $200 but i dont mind going over for stuff like tubing, barbs, coolant, and other easy to obtain items. And For most of the parts i am buying off the Frozencpu website.

For the moment im just trying to cool my amd 6970 BUT later on when im either upgrading or building a new rig id like to water cool more items such as high end graphics cards in SLI/CROSSFIRE setup and a high performance CPU (probably going to be OC'ed). so im trying to buy parts that will last and support my next build.

Heres the items ive selected so far.






http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103069 (radiator fan)

Note: all these items are coming already equipped with 1/2 inch barbs with g1/4 threading.
And is 1/2 inch ID enough to cool multiple components?
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  1. I forgot to mention that i have the Antec Lan boy air case with 13 apevia case fans.
  2. have you read the watercooling sticky?

    covers all of the following:
    1| Don't use coolants distilled+killcoil perform better
    2| There are better pumps available
    3| you should check out some durelene tubing over at sidewinders, they have the cheapest by the foot prices
    4| forget the blade master, for a few more you can get better fans like AP-15's
    5| 1x120 rad?

    Tell you what, if you haven't checked out the watercooling sticky best head down to it(located in my sig). Full of info on giving you an idea of the sort of parts to shoot for. Reason being, you'll be maintaining and troubleshooting the loop on your end.

    lastly, mix match from various sites to see if your cost comes down for similar product list.

    ** have you considered going with a RX raystorm kit for $200???
    adamski lanboy artic first couple of pages showcase teh development of the air only case to incorporate cooling.

    BTW, adamski is an awesome modder, hope you can check out his works later down the road.

    hope this helps :)
  3. thank you i was able to find a rx raystorm kit that a little pricy but still with in my budget.


    and for the blade master i looked at the 4ryan6 forum and the blade master looked really good plus he noted it was quiet. But ill look for some better ones.
  4. you're looking for quiet eyh?
    get this hands down and slap on another rad if you want more heat thrown off and yeah the thicker rad means more heat dissipation on lower fan speed.

    review is of a RX 360 but you get the idea - sompare the results with the EX & RS in the left hand column of rad reviews(i.e: RS and RX)
    + that revised 750L pump means that kit is the a great deal :)

    Sound is asubjective thingy, lot of people interpret silence in a lot of ways. I'm not counting Ryan's fan review out however I am nitpicky about the ticking you see in some fans on lowest rpms... :/

    * your welcome!
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