Will a computer turn on with bad power from the house?

My HP desk top won't turn on at my house, but it works fine at a friends. We had a storm, the power flickered, so we turned it off and disconnected all cords. After the storm the commputer would not turn on. All outlets are working. Brought it to a friends and it booted up just fine. Wonder if the house is getting bad voltage or amps that the computer knows will cause a problem?
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  1. Sounds very odd. Are you using a surge protector? Try a different outlet?
  2. Once in a while we do hear from someone who has problems with electrical power in their homes. The typical suggestion is to try a different wall outlet (mains) in a different room or on a different circuit.
  3. If your PC works at your friends house, but not at your house, you have something wrong with your power.

    Do what johnny suggested - try a different outlet on another circuit.

    If you live in the U.S., buy something like this:

    Google "outlet tester".

    $6 - $12 at a local hardware store.
  4. Turned out to be a bad mother board. Thanks for the answers. It was just a fluke that it worked at friends house. Brought it back over and it didn't work.
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