Displayport monitor on 5870 keeps going black

I have 3 monitors hooked up 2 vp2650wb monitors hooked to the DVI, and a 3008wfp hooked to the displayport. Every so often the displayport monitor will go black for about 5 seconds like it lost signal and then come back. Anyone else had this situation?
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  1. Ive only had my 3 monitor setup for 4 hours now and no problems. Though im using a DP to vga adapter and not a native DP screen.

    Dose this problem occur only when Eyefinity is enabled or when you are in Extended Mode?
  2. both. I did find a link that said there is a flash for the bios on the card I might try that fixes the voltage (would suck if I bricked the card)
  3. I have exactly the same problem, but I'm using a DP to DVI active adapter. Same thing, 5870 with 3x 27" Syncmasters. Did you fix the issue?
  4. @microterf,

    I had the same issue when using CAT 10.4 and 10.5.

    Horizontal "interference" lines, then blinking DP monitor, then it would go to sleep and not wake up.

    Rolled back to 10.3.

    AMD seem to introduce more issues than what they resolve.
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