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I have an ASUS M2N-SLI motherboard and everything was working fine today when all of a sudden

from my headphones (I dont have speakers and listen to everything through headphones) all I

could hear was hissing type noise. I do not have a sound card and use motherboards audio. Any

kind of audio would just play as noise even moving volume slider would do it.

I am running windows xp.

Any help or advice would be grateful for.

Thank you
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  1. If you 'changed' something then run System Restore {prior} to the hissing. Otherwise, it can be one of several things.

    If the Sys Restore fails then open the Device Manager / expand the [+] Sound, Video... / right-click on the the {e.g. Realtek} driver and select Uninstall, and restart.
  2. Thanks, I tried to restore to yesterdays point and it still hissed.

    The only thing that is listed in my Sound, video and game

    Audio Codecs
    Legacy Audio Drivers
    Legacy Video Capture Devices
    Media Control Devices and Video Codecs
    Video Codecs
  3. Then your problem is a missing or corrupt Audio driver, {C-Media CM6501 Audio Driver} is missing. Look in the Device Manager for it and if found Uninstall as above.

    In addition, if that fails then D/L and reinstall the Audio driver - http://usa.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=FsG6bN2HsOMpwLxD

    Look for improperly installed drivers {examples}:
  4. Thank you jaquith,

    I do not have anything listed in unknown devices and I do not recall ever seeing any other audio drivers having been there before. I have downloaded C-Media CM6501 Audio Driver and installed them without any change.

    What else can try?

  5. Is the C-Media listed now?

    Also, open the Sound... control panel and default all settings and/or change them and change them back and save settings.

    Review the following image, you only want (1) recoding device and cycle through muting some of the devices:

    If this fails 'you' might have bad on-board sound which 'may' explain that is was 'missing' -> suggests a failed initialization. This unfortunately does happen, and replacement sound cards are cheap.

    Good Luck! :)
  6. So it would seem that the on-board sound gone bad? I have never installed any additional sound drivers besides the ones installed by default and it worked fine.

    Right now my Device Manager is listed like this:

    Audio Codecs
    C-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device
    Legacy Audio Drivers
    Legacy Video Capture Devices
    Media Control Devices
    Video Codecs

    Would reformat and reinstall of windows help?

    Or I should buy a sound card (would that work)?
  7. I wanted to ask you one other question? I am not into stereo or speakers broadcasting sound. I just listen privately through the headphones. In my case as I am not very comfortable with all those computer hardware peripherals, could I get an external sound card and would that work? Do I have to disable something on the motherboard?

    Thanks for your help.
  8. Try -> Device Manager / expand the [+] Sound, Video... / right-click on ALL drivers and select Uninstall, and restart. {They will 'should' all reinstall and if there's a corruption it 'should' be fixed. Also, you can try a different power outlet, and last clean the 'speaker plug' with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and reinsert wet and twist in the plug {clean both connection} pull out and wipe off then reinsert. Further, there are many speaker-outs are you certain that you are using the correct one?

    Lastly, Start | Run | type MSCONFIG and hit Enter | General -tab | Select Diagnostic Mode & OK, Restart. Does this fix the 'hiss'? If yes then you have some Application causing interference.

    USB Sound - http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&IsNodeId=1&Description=usb%20sound%20adapter&bop=And&Order=REVIEWS&PageSize=100
  9. Except C-Media CM6501 Like Sound Device non of the drivers listed uninstall as an option. How can I uninstall the others?

    My headphones are plugged into the back of the computer with just one connector similar to headphones on ipod.
  10. You have to be logged-in as Administrator or start in Safe Mode.

    C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 -> msconfig.exe right-click and select Run as..., choose Administrator.
  11. I am logged as an administrator always.

    If that would help I think I will just reformat and reinstall and hope it will help.
  12. It can't hurt {back-up everything} and only FRESH install the OS. I may not fix the issue...

    Good Luck!
  13. Hi jaquith,

    Ok Let me start by saying that I have formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows. I do not regret doing it one bit.

    Bad news is that it did not work, I knew right from the beginning that instead of delightful microsoft starting music I got the all familiar hissing noise.

    Now my question if I get something like this "Creative - Sound Blaster X-Fi Go! Pro External USB Sound Card" would that work?

    Do I have to do anything with failed on-board sound?

    Thanks for your help with this.
  14. Yes, the Sound Blaster X-Fi Go should work fine, and in the Sound Control panel make certain the old C-Media is NOT selected.
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