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Is it possible to run games from a HDD while booting from a SSD?

Hi guys, I'm a noob when it comes to storage, I have a question or you guys..

So I recently bought a 32 gb OCZ SSD. I got it for booting the OS only.

Well I have my old 640GB WD Black HDD hooked up as well.. I'm wondering if I can play my games installed on the WD drive while I'm booted up on the SSD. I tried and it says I have to install it on the SSD, which I can't because of no storage left.

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  1. Yes, just direct the games to install on the HDD.
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  3. Shouldn't be a problem for the vast majority of software/games - almost all installations allow you to change the default install location as part of the process. Create a "GAMES" directory on your HD and install your games there. Thus, the majority of the installation will not be on your SSD.

    However, Your C (SSD) drive will also be used as the default location for some content storage for these programs e.g. configurations, game saves. The Save Games location might be of some concern. If you can redirect the save games location then that would be good - unless, like me, :) you never, ever, need to do any game saves and complete all games at the one sitting - not.

    You'll be noticing a nice difference in your general PC use with your SSD
  4. Almost all games require you to click "Custom Install" when installing to pick a different install location.

    As far as games that were already installed before you made the disk change... if you're getting errors I would just back up your saves then reinstall them on the HDD.
  5. Yeah Im wanting to play games that are already installed on the HDD. Mainly games that are Steam, and Origin based which I belive might cause problems.

    I knew I should have went with a 128gb SSD.... lol
  6. Steam has a process whereby you may relocate appropriate directories.
  7. I'll look into that Wisecracker, thanks.
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