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Hi all, I currently use a CoolerMaster V6 GT, holidays are around and I was looking for a cheap water cooling solution that was decent. Don't have too much money to spend, but is an H80 for $54, or an H100 for $70 worth it? I use an i5-3570k, and I'd like to overclock soon.
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  1. Out of those two the H100,
    but real water is better by far
  2. both of them aren't worth it IMHO :) you should be ok with the V6GT at this moment. If your seeing bad temps with your current cooler, maybe you haven't mounted it properly or there is an issue with your cases airflow.

    Airflow - You can improve on these by using another TIM, doing cablemanagement or actually getting another case. However, the last point is useless, as you have a NZXT Phantom, amazing case for stuff :sol:

    How about venturing into real watercooling territory? for $200
  3. What's the cheapest real watercooling solution I could get? I think my V6 gt is fine for a minor OC, but I'd like to take my 3570k to like 4.3 or 4.4 ghz, and the thought of water cooling gets me all wet inside.

    Pun of the year.
  4. I think about $130 in US money, check the W/c sticky for Xspc and swiftech kits, theres also a list of sites we recommend
  5. your V6 should be able to take you to that OC goal easily as the 3rd Gen core processors can reach 4.6GHz with a beginners attitude. Mush like how black is the new white ( :) ) You're worrying for no reason.

    The kit that you've found is actually, well, no different than a closed loop coolers potential. Rad is thin, a mere 1x 120 rad to dissipate heat and the pump can handle more stuff but you aren't getting that bang for buck shot.

    I'd get either of these:

    ^ will allow you to add more waterblocks and raddage(if you want more) and yet be a happy hippo.
  6. How much celsius difference is there between the ones you linked an say an H100?
  7. you could compare various reviews of the XSPC and the H100 on a lot of sites. However there's a member here by the name lowjack. Saw a 10~15 C drop on load temps on an overclock compared to the H100 he had.

  8. Is there a kit you can recommend close to the price of $110? I'm cutting it close with the budget that's why I'm picky about it. With a better rad as you said. Just need cooling for the cpu block, I don't see myself water cooling my gpu anytime soon as awesome as it sounds.
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    actually the two I linked prev are the best you'll find for that price point.

    the pump is new and revised, it'll handle more waterblocks and/or rads should you want to upgrade all you'll need to do is add more fittings and tubings while purchasing new hardware.
    the rad space you'll get now will net far better temps on your cpu compared to the H100.
    The H100 is a dead end in terms of upgrading

    con's it seems to be a hefty price for you. In all honesty people come to this side of the line with $200 in hand. You have half that. But take my word for it, You'll be far happier then getting a closed loop cooler.
  10. Save a little longer ,it will reap rewards for you :-)
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