Hangs at 24 minutes during XP repair

Hi gentleman and ladies, I am doing a repair installation on my XP (Dell Inspiron 6400) after win show only black screen with only mouse is movable and visible. Suspected is cause by some virus. I have try ctrl+Alt+Del and ctrl+Alt+Esc to bring up task manager, but fail. Then, I thought the the only way to rescue is repair and reinstall XP again. Howver, it gives me another problem which it hangs or stop at 24 minutes remaining during installation at completing installation... . i have done all these effort instead of format the entire laptop is because I have important data inside the disk. I also not able to copy all data to an external Harddisk because of security prohibit me to transfer many of the files. Please help. Thank you very much.
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  1. I just get to knwothat it stops at 24 minutes , the status is setting COM+ system and Application System ,...., please help :-)
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